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We are all looking for insights on the world we live in, and with the vast amount of data available to us, we look for its meaning, but furthermore, we look for better ways to use that data.

Acies is a Latin word referring to sharpness and focus, a glance using all available senses/sensors/data sources and using them to help us derive the insight we all look for.

We created Acies to use data-oriented techniques and help you increase the capacity to gain an accurate and intuitive understanding of your business. In our case, we use Technology and Data Science to help our clients make sense of the data in their business and use their data to positively influence their top and bottom lines.

We have developed our collaborative delivery framework Intellectum®. We come to you and help your company make sense and gain insight of your data while creating value to help your business objectives.


Todos buscamos conocer el mundo en el que vivimos, tenemos en nuestras manos gran cantidad de información y estamos en constante búsqueda de su significado, además, buscamos la mejor forma de usar estos datos para entender nuestro entorno.

Acies es el término en latín para referirse a conocimiento, intuición y entendimiento (“insight” en inglés) es la capacidad de obtener una comprensión intuitiva y profunda de las cosas o personas, usando todos nuestros sentidos, sensores y fuentes de información disponibles para ayudarnos a conseguir respuestas.

Hemos creado Acies para ayudar a las empresas a incrementar su capacidad de entendimiento preciso y profundo de los datos que manejan. Acies utiliza tecnología y ciencia de datos para agregar valor a los negocios con el objetivo de influir positivamente en lineamientos y estrategias.

Nuestro marco estratégico colaborativo Intellectum® nos apoya en el análisis de datos de nuestros clientes para obtener resultados que agregan valor y optimizan objetivos comerciales.

Our team is composed of industry experts and scientists in multiple areas of study but with a deep appreciation for data and analytics.

Leadership Team

Jairo Medina – Founder – CEO

Graduated in Computer Science and Business. Long career in Banking and Finance, working with large Global Banks and providing solutions around IT and Business Outsourcing. He has lead both global Execution and Sales teams with accounts over $300 Million a year.

Felix Mosqueda – Founder – COO

Graduated in Engineering Physics. Long career in Science, Analytics, and Marketing. He has led global and regional marketing initiatives for large pharmaceutical companies in Latin America.

Operations Team

Jennifer Medina – CFO

Chief Finance Officer – Graduated in Business Accounting – Financial leader for large companies and public organizations.

Luz Marina Foglietta – CSO

Chief Science Officer – Graduated in Biological Sciences – Long career in Biology. Published author, She has lead multiple scientific research projects.

Mauro Arditi – GS

Global Sales – Graduated in Industrial Engineering.

Miriam Rengel – Researcher

Astrophysics researcher, expertise in studies of solar system objects, radio emission from protostars and young stellar objects, space-based observations and related science with the Herschel Space Observatory, preparation, and Data Analysis focused on HIFI (Heterodyne Instrument for the Far Infrared) calibration.



Gianmarco Medina – Intern #1

William R. Fry Scholar at the Kelley School of Business studying Finance, International Business and Business Analytics


Indiana University Bloomington

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