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Data Lakes & Business objectives

Data collection from different data sources (XLS, CSV, MySQL, PDF, XML WEB, GOOGLE, SOCIAL MEDIA), cleaning & ETL (Edit, Transform and Load into a Data Lake) to make it available for analytical processing and modeling. The data will reside in either private, public or hybrid cloud. This service includes interviews with business SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) in order to identify data sources.


Data Insight

Modeling, reporting, business-oriented dashboard definition. Model creation, validation, and maintenance. This service employs our experienced data scientist focused on the client business creating the most appropriate models. Clustering or segmentation, anomaly (or outlier) detection, association-rule mining, forecasting, optimization models.


Business as Usual (Operationalize)

Intellectum® framework for data related business processes, regular analysis, strategies, decision making, and future actions. The most valuable service providing regular insights into the business, allowing for Data Science lead decision making. This service is based on volume, the frequency of reports, TB of data managed, and the number of clients receiving the reports.


Chatbot Services

Chatbot development: This service involves the creation of a chatbot from scratch, using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The chatbot can be used for a variety of purposes, such as customer service, sales, marketing, finances, and HR.

Chatbot training: This service involves training a chatbot to understand and respond to human language. The chatbot can be trained on a variety of data, such as text, images, and audio.

Chatbot deployment: This service involves deploying a chatbot to a variety of platforms, such as websites, mobile apps, and social media. The chatbot can be deployed in a variety of ways, such as through a web service, a mobile app, social media bot, or an intranet.

Chatbot management: This service involves managing a chatbot on an ongoing basis. This includes tasks such as monitoring the chatbot’s performance, responding to user feedback, and updating the chatbot’s content.

Chatbot analytics: This service involves analyzing the data generated by a chatbot. This data can be used to improve the chatbot’s performance and to understand how users are interacting with the chatbot.



Data Lakes & Objetivos del Negocio

Recolección de datos de diferentes fuentes (XLS, CSV, MySQL, PDF, XML WEB, GOOGLE, SOCIAL MEDIA), limpieza, edición, transformación y carga de datos (ETL) para su procesamiento analítico y modelaje. Los datos residirán en nubes privadas, públicas o híbridas. Este servicio incluye y requiere entrevistas con personas claves y expertos dentro de la organización para identificar y entender la fuente de los datos y el objetivo del negocio.


Data Insight

Modelaje, informes de resultados, definición de tableros (dashboards) orientado al negocio. Creación, validación y mantenimiento de los modelos de procesamiento. Este servicio emplea nuestros experimentados científicos de datos y se enfocan en el negocio del cliente para crear los modelos más apropiados; Clustering (segmentación), detección de anomalías (valores atípicos), analítica predictiva, forecasting, modelos de optimización, búsqueda de asociaciones concurrentes.


Operacionalización recurrente de datos (Business as Usual)

Está a disposición nuestro marco colaborativo de trabajo Intellectum® para procesos comerciales relacionados con el análisis periódico de datos, generación de informes con principales hallazgos,  diseño de estrategias y planes de acción a futuro.  Intellectum® es un servicio de valor agregado que proporciona información periódica sobre el negocio para la toma de decisiones, este servicio se basa en el volumen de datos y la frecuencia de reportes.


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