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Customer: Glass Repair Services
Location: US
Industry: Home Services


Budget optimization for a paid campaign in Google in Search and Display Network, to maximize the number of conversions, based on the results of the previous month with daily budget restrictions.

Solution and Results

First, we need to analyze competitive metrics, in particular, the loss of impressions due to budget limitations, which allows us to calculate the maximum daily budget to get 100% impressions. Then, applying the budget restriction we proceed to determine the objective function for conversions, which is the optimized daily clicks multiplied by the conversion rate, data that we have from analytical reports. A Simplex Linear Progression model using SOLVER from Excel was applied with defined restrictions, finally, we get an optimized budget that allows to adjust and balance the daily budget in both networks, with this procedure we got an increase in conversions (16%) and a 14% reduction in the cost of acquisition CPA.

PPC Campaign Optimization


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