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Customer: Financial Company
Location: LATAM
Industry: Financial


A Bank with a large portfolio of commercial clients requires identifying and predicting in the most accurate and reliable way the financial situation and credit risk of each of the clients with bank loans, as well as having a general overview of the health of its client portfolio.


Application of our Intellectum® framework for the collection, editing, storage and processing of data. Application of different models in order to identify weight variables and to predict the behavior of the risk variable “default”. Results are uploaded to our dashboard for the risks analysts to review.


Using data from the Financial Statements of each of the Bank’s clients, a Linear Regression Model was applied with an accuracy of 97.4% for the prediction of the variable “default” on a rolling three month. Predictive analytics allows the Bank to identify the risks of a client falling into default. Intellectum’s creates business value and helps the bank to offer new financial products to these companies so that they can meet their credit obligations. CASE VISUALIZATION HERE.

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