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Customer: Healthcare Institute
Location: US
Industry: Healthcare


A medical institute required analyzing large amounts of data from the treatment of their patients in order to improve their care and obtain better results. The progress of each patient is monitored multiple times a day, generating large amounts of data from different sources and formats, the challenge is to collect, clean, simplify, and obtain results quickly and accurately in order to adjust the treatment. A data analysis solution was proposed to predict and determine the most effective treatment for each patient, in addition to showing results in friendly and simple formats (Dashboards) for doctors to read.


Use of prediction models and decision trees with the ability to operationalize results on a Dashboard.

The model is able to collect data from spreadsheets, SQL databases, and other sources, load them into a “data lake” and then process them in a consistent manner. The model was used to predict which patients might require advanced levels of treatments and care.

Saving time and human resources in data processing allow physicians to make timely decisions, while analysts feed on these medical decisions to update models in real-time.

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