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Employee Attrition Analysis

Customer: Parts manufacturer
Location: US
Industry: Manufacturing
Challenge: People Analytics, prediction of variables related to employee attrition.

Tax Classification

Customer: Energy Company
Location: US
Industry: Energy
Challenge: From a large list of vendors, identify and predict fixes for misclassified entries.

Decision Making

Customer: Catering Company
Location: US
Industry: Food Services
Challenge: Decision making in low uncertainty scenario.

Digital Marketing

Customer: Home & Auto Glass Repair
Location: US
Industry: Services
Challenge: Daily budget optimization for a paid campaign in Google in Search and Display Network.

Credit Risk

Customer: Financial company
Location: LATAM
Industry: Financial
Challenge: A Bank with a large portfolio of clients requires identifying and predicting the financial situation and credit risk of each of the clients.


Customer: Home Entertainment & Appliances
Location: LATAM
Industry: Tech
Challenge: Prediction and optimization of ad investment in full-power TV based on cost per rating point (CPP).

Pharmaceutical Company

Customer: Pharmaceutical company
Location: US
Industry: Healthcare
Challenge: Optimization of logistics operations and inventory, need to estimate future sales for decision making in storage and distribution.


Customer: Mobile sector
Location: Latam
Industry: Telecommunications
Challenge: Automation of manual processes for customer segmentation, multiple sources of data and different needs of the business has generated losses of time and money.

Healthcare Company

Customer: Healthcare Company
Location: US
Industry: Healthcare
Challenge: A medical institute required analyzing large amounts of data from the treatment of their patients in order to improve their care and obtain better results.
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